Teach it Edu


Our Educational Platform
is designed to help existing educators establish or improve their own online or blended teaching practices, and is suitable for all teachers. There is no requirement for participants to hold prior knowledge or experience of online teaching practices or related technologies.

This platform is relevant for those who are:
• New to online or blended teaching or those wishing to improve their current practice
• Interested in educational technology and/or online instruction
• Involved in higher education, community college, vocational or corporate training
• Continuing professional development to increase their relevance and value to the contemporary workplace
• Learning and teaching professionals

No special hardware, software skills, or special training is required to use teachitedu platform. With absolute ease, you can:
Create an online course using our guidelines and online teaching tools.
Store and share your educational content securely, without worrying about data theft.
Promote your online course in our vast course marketplace for greater visibility.
Collect payments from students worldwide.

Teachitedu platform feels just like teaching in a physical classroom

- Teach online, face-to-face, and in real-time, using live audiovisual communication in our online classroom.

- Engage students using interactive whiteboards, screen sharing, video and text chatting, HD video streaming, and polling tools.

- Encourage peer-to-peer interaction.

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