Foreign Languages - Italian

Χριστίνα ΜπαρζαChristina Barza is a Classical Philologist, Doctor of the Kapodistrian University of Athens (Myths of Greek and Roman Literature and their use in the poetry of Gaspara Stampa). She also holds a Master's Degree in Italian Philology (Greek-Roman Literature - History and Civilization).

bodioliFrancesca Bondioli, Sister Maria Teresa in her religious life, lives in Bologna, the city of her birth. Francesca’s academic career started at the University of Bologna where, after studying the classics, she graduated in Philosophy. She furthered her studies at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice where in 2007 she obtained the qualification CEDILS for teaching Italian to foreign students, and later in 2009 she was awarded the post graduate degree of Master Itals for the teaching and advancement of the Italian language and Italian culture.From 2008 she has dedicated herself to the teaching of Italian as a second language to foreign students resident in Italy.

anaritaHello everyone, my name is Annarita, I’m Italian and I live in the south of Italy. 

I have been working as Italian teacher for more than 15 years, in Italy, in Japan (where I lived for 9 years), on board cruise ships and online as well. I taught students of various ages, grades, and nationalities. I got a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Japanese, English), a master degree in Teaching Italian to Foreigners ITALS 2, and the DITALS 2 certification.

marta maggioni

Hello! My name is Marta, I am 45 and I live in Milano, in the north of Italy. In 2010 I moved to Dublin where I lived for two months and I taught Italian as secondary language during the summer time; Over the past 9 years (since 2008 till now) I have been teaching Italian to foreign learners of any age, customizing my lessons to help them improve their knowledge of business, academic or everyday language.

I graduated with a degree in Economics and I have a qualification in DITALS II (Didactics of Italian as a foreign language) and in Dislexia. I can speak four languages: English – French  - Spanish – German. I keep up to date with the new teaching methodologies by attending annual courses.

vamv1Spiridula Vamvaca si è laureata in Lettere presso l’ università di Bari. Possiede due master: 1. «Studi in estruzione» all’ Università aperta e 2. «Education and Disability.

dim KarabinaDimitra Karabina insegna in Grecia la Lingua Italiana. Ha conseguito la Laurea in Lettere e Filosofia presso l’ Università degli studi di Bari (indirizzo filosofico), Laurea in Filologia-Pedagogia-Psicologia (indirizzo filosofico) presso l’Università Kapodistriaca di Atene, e la Laurea in Lingua e Filologia Italiana.