Greek Modern Language

vamv1Spiridula Vamvaca si è laureata in Lettere presso l’ università di Bari. Possiede due master: 1. «Studi in estruzione» all’ Università aperta e 2. «Education and Disability.

dim Karabina

Dimitra Karabina insegna in Grecia la Lingua Italiana. Ha conseguito la Laurea in Lettere e Filosofia presso l’ Università degli studi di Bari (indirizzo filosofico), Laurea in Filologia-Pedagogia-Psicologia (indirizzo filosofico) presso l’Università Kapodistriaca di Atene, e la Laurea in Lingua e Filologia Italiana. 

xristinabar faceChristina Barza is a Classical Philologist, Doctor of the Kapodistrian University of Athens (Myths of Greek and Roman Literature and their use in the poetry of Gaspara Stampa). She also holds a Master's Degree in Italian Philology (Greek-Roman Literature - History and Civilization).

marios picMy name is Marios Simos and I am a bilingual language teacher with native languages Dutch and Greek. I was born in Hannover, Germany, but I grew up in Greece. My graduate and postgraduate studies took place at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, while my studies in Educational Sciences took place in Greece and Cyprus.